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2019; The difference that made the difference

2019; The difference that made the difference

Amid political uncertainty and impending changes to contractual regulations across Europe, 2019 represented a year that most traditional recruitment businesses feared but for Marlin Green, 2019 was a year that was embraced and excelled. 

Another record year however, was not a by-product of luck. Our year was underpinned by a series of strategic change initiatives, tactically designed to enhance our sales and operational infrastructure whilst further propelling our forefront position in the market.  

What did we do? 

  • We made strategic changes in our personnel; including the appointment of our new CEO, Paul Hanley who is driving the ambitious growth plans for 2020 and beyond; 

  • We invested significantly in new technology to deliver greater functionality and efficiency in our reporting and operational processes; and 

  • We modified our business development and client retention methodologies to ensure an improved client and candidate experience, to both new and existing partners – to name a few.  

Whilst these factors did of course supplement the success of our year, this years’ success was ultimately executed based upon an unparalleled work ethic and perpetual desire to win. Something which has not changed in the history of Marlin Green. 

Though 2019 was not without its challenges. Major changes in regulatory compliance, further digitalisation and process automation and dare I mention... Brexit, added further complexities to an already competitive landscape of providing talent solutions throughout Europe. However, is disruption, complexity and change a bad thing? Viewed through a different lens, these can merely serve as an opportunity, something which Marlin Green as a whole, tends to adopt extremely well as one of very few that legitimately comprehend the intricacies associated with the changing economic and regulatory landscapes across Europe. Therefore, early adoption and ongoing education as well as rapid implementation of commercial compliance strategies have ultimately helped safeguard Marlin Green’s place in the market.   

 What’s the difference that made the difference? 

Well, I think that one is rather simple. There have been a huge catalogue of microscopic components that have helped propel Marlin Green to yet another record breaking year. However, it has all emanated from our highly valued workforce, caring for and respecting the value set by which Marlin Green exists; Pride, Accountability, Collaboration and Expertise.  


About the author

Jan Foryszewski is the Sales Director at Marlin Green and is responsible for leading the strategic ales growth within Marlin Green.  

"I’ve been exclusively dedicated to the European freelance community since my recruitment career began and have over a decade of experience delivering bespoke IT talent solutions throughout Europe, personally responsible for staffing some of the most high profile and complex IT environment across Europe." 


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