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Are you compliant?

Are you compliant?

“Compliancy” – the pet hate word of any, not just the recruitment industry. The phrase everyone is aware of and yet, not many achieve the watertight results we all strive for. Is it even feasible to achieve “the mark of quality”, a seal that represents the highest level of due diligence and professionalism?

We’ve all had different levels of experiences with Recruitment Agencies and I am sure it will vary broadly in terms of professionalism, compliance and client focus that we may have been subjected to whilst being dealt with. I’ve had the privilege to experience it from both angles: through being a client and delivering to my clients in my current and previous roles.

I’ve been involved in the recruitment industry for over 12 years now and have seen it go through never ending changes, with updates in legislation seeming to be part of daily existence. GDPR, IR35 off-payroll, The CFA 2017, HMRC Intermediary reporting and IR35 in the Private Sector; the list goes on and it’s only a drop in the ocean for those businesses who are already present on the International Arena of the ever expeditiously developing recruitment industry. 

Most of us will agree that deferring the process of applying the necessary compliance to our everyday, professional routine is potentially leaving any business exposed to legal and compliance issues. Furthermore, this can lead to financial implications that no business, no matter how big or small, is prepared for. 

If, on the contrary, we adopt a positive attitude towards the changes and learn to embrace them, I am certain we will achieve a value-added service that will go a long way when we offer our services to both clients and contractors.

At Marlin Green, we focus on achieving great results by embracing constant changes in compliancy to create a “safe house” experience in the recruitment industry. It’s our core belief that by embedding the values of a compliant business in every new starter we hire; we achieve a level of compliance that most businesses would strive for. This is however, far more achievable with the priceless assistance of our highly skilled and experienced compliance partners. They keep us on our toes with never ending industry credible updates, trustworthy guidelines, meritorious recommendations and expertise they have to offer.

Marlin Green keeps an open dialogue with our clients and contractors and raises the risks associated with hiring or being hired in home, or foreign jurisdictions. We adopt a transparent and comprehensive approach with a high level of prominence being placed on our recruitment compliance processes. Having a strong compliance team and well adopted PSL with regards to our partners who are part of the supply chain, always places us that one step ahead of our competition. We believe that the ownership of ensuring the whole supply chain is compliant relies heavily on the Recruitment Business. We work closely with APSCO to ensure that any changes in the recruitment industry compliance processes and legislation are quickly communicated to the entire business and therefore addressed and adapted to. Being ahead of the curve takes the burden off our Clients and Contractors.

What would you answer to the question: Are you compliant?

About the Author

Renata Batariere is the Contracts and Compliance Manager at Marlin Green and has 12 years' experience in the UK and International recruitment sector. 

"I have always been fascinated by the application of Contract Law, Contract Litigation and compliance in general. I enjoy the challenges involved in the negotiation of terms and conditions on the client and contractor side as well as the contract management process from start to finish."


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