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From Christmas hangover to 2020 - the year ahead

From Christmas hangover to 2020 - the year ahead

Well that’s it, after months of the iconic John Lewis’s excitable Edgar, the haphazard baby dragon on TV, Christmas 2019 is over. My kids have finally realised there were toys in the boxes they have been playing in for the past week, Coconut Quality Streets are the only ones left in the tub and the recycling bins are full, mostly of bottles.

Here at Marlin Green, it feels like we have been planning for this year since last summer, as we start to get our strategic plans, budgets, and investments in place, ready to continue the hyper growth we have seen in our business. As fast as the holidays have come and gone, we're ready for 2020 (with a resolution or two)! So, what does the new year have in store for us?


Despite the pending Brexit and against the backdrop of slower economic growth globally, the market for our IT Staffing Solutions has remained buoyant. SAP continues to do well in the market, posting double digit growth in their top line, supported by strong Cloud Revenues. In EMEA, SAP has had strong growth, supported by a robust Germany, UK and France contributing to the growth. SAP have also set out their strategic plans in their “Ambition 2020 & 2023” which shows revenues growing to €29B worldwide.

Skills Shortage

As digitalisation continues its momentum, there is an ever-increasing demand for contingent staffing, especially IT skills to take businesses through the transformation journey. More employers than ever are struggling to fill open jobs as the labour market currently shows the highest ever level of talent shortages, driven by skills gaps. Marlin Green’s solutions positions the business well within the shortage in the SAP/BI/Big Data expertise.

Marlin Green

Strategic plans are set, and 2020 looks to be an exciting year for the company. Following the success of our first overseas office in 2018, we are set to continue our international expansion. We have a robust plan to support the next three years of hyper growth and there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for the company. The culture of the business is based on speed of execution of our plans, not only delivering double digit growth in our existing businesses, but also ramping up new markets. The talent the organisation has brought into the business will allow us to catch the shift in the market and deliver to our customers and candidates the best possible IT staffing solutions.

In this mixed global environment, demand for our staffing services and workforce solutions continue to provide us with opportunities for profitable growth in many markets. We continue to make the necessary investments to digitise all aspects of our operations and continuously innovate to create new value.

It’s an exciting time to work for Marlin Green. Watch this space for an outstanding 2020.

About the author

Ross Gorton is the CFO at Marlin Green and has over 18 years' experience across Europe and the US for some of the world's leading recruitment brands. 

"Marlin Green is well positioned to help its clients utilise technology to transform their organisation, and help our clients mobilise in-demand skills to deliver results. I am passionate as the CFO to help plan for the future growth, and I know our business and consultants are set ready to support our clients through the ever changing world of work". 


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