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How to make your LinkedIn page stand out

How to make your LinkedIn page stand out

Social Media… it really is everywhere, isn’t it? Like it or not, almost all of us now run our lives from a small, rectangular piece of metal that often sits in our pocket for most of the day.

This modern-day reality also applies to the world of work, with LinkedIn being one of the most used platforms by professionals. Did you know that there are more than 25 million profiles on LinkedIn in the UK alone? With potential employers paying more and more attention to prospective employees’ social media presence, how do you make sure your profile stands out?

A well-presented LinkedIn page can portray the image of a modern and dynamic, accomplished businessperson. To portray yourself in the best possible light to potential employers, follow my tips: 

Visual elements

Adding a photo to your LinkedIn profile adds a personal touch to your experience which is something that is not always possible with a traditional CV. In addition to your headshot, customise your page by adding a cover photo and banners. This allows you to demonstrate some of your personality and grab the reader’s attention!


Your headline is the first section of your profile that potential employers will see so, make sure it outlines exactly what you do. Whether you are a senior candidate with years of experience or a recent graduate, it is important that employers know about your professional experience and ambitions as this will provide them with insight into who you are and help with their decision making.


Outline your best achievements and what you’re generally doing on a day to day basis. Keywords are important here as this is how employers will search for their ideal candidate. Make sure you have included as many relevant keywords as possible in your summary to reflect your experience and transferrable skills.

Attention spans aren’t as broad as they used to be though so, keep it short and sharp, people will typically stop reading after a few key points.


Include any roles you have worked that are relevant to your career path but there is no need to go into great detail. Be sure to differentiate between different roles you have worked with the same employer. This shows progression and clearly highlights what you have accomplished.


Recommendations on your LinkedIn page act as references. Ask your current and former colleagues, clients and connections to write you a recommendation to help underpin your past achievements, experience and work history.


Did you know that the maximum number of individual connections which show on your LinkedIn page is 500?

Try and get to 500 connections and you might find that employers are more interested in you; they are always looking for the most sought-after talent!

Lastly, be sure to keep your LinkedIn page up to date. Think of your profile as your live CV so, every time you achieve something new, update your page!

About the Author

Ben Reilly is a Sales Manager at Marlin Green and has over 5 years' working in various capacities, across the company's two offices in the UK and Germany. 

"As my career has developed, I have found it very useful to keep my LinkedIn updated for both internal and expernal purposes, showcasing my experience to my clients which I believe is so important in this day and age". 


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