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The fundamentals of success

The fundamentals of success

The need for manpower and skills will only ever increase and with this comes the need for recruiters, but what makes us successful?

There is an abundance of recruitment jobs out there and agencies from across the globe are continually hiring graduates, transforming them into successful (and wealthy) recruiters. Though as a graduate, you may not yet know what recruitment entails or even what it takes to make a successful recruiter.

During my career, I have had offers rejected, budgets pulled, and projects stopped, but by sticking to a few fundamentals, I have always bounced back. So, what are these ‘fundamentals’ that you will need to learn, sharpen and master to become an accomplished recruiter? For me, there are 5:


Any successful recruiter will tell you that the first six months of your recruitment career is survival mode. You will be taking on so much information and processing so much data, it can be hard to keep up. Being organised is key; set out your day and be strict with your time. Keeping to robust processes will help to set you up for success every day.


Recruiters get involved in all industries, jobs and skills. By concentrating your efforts on a specific industry and within a specific region, your specialised knowledge will put you ahead of the game in comparison to your competitors. When I started in recruitment, I concentrated on the technology market within the Netherlands. By building my knowledge in this area, I’ve been able to provide solutions to my clients much quicker than some of my competitors who may be focusing on a broader market. 

Think commercially

Becoming more business savvy takes time, but there are a few key things you can do to build your desk. Firstly, learn how to work with margins and know where you can give a discount. Understanding this will help you make a bit more, well-deserved profit. Next, make sure to get in front of your clients. You will have more success and repeat business if you get out and sell your brand, don’t get stuck behind a phone like a lot of recruiters do. Lastly, keep your clients and contractors on the same level. Yes, your clients provide you with business opportunities, but your contractors or candidates are where your fees come from. Make sure you treat them equally.

Be confident

The recruitment industry is all about people and relationships and people are generally drawn to those who exude personality and confidence. When your clients and contractors or candidates need a new solution or role, you want to be the recruiter they think of first. Don’t just follow a script, show off your personality and put yourself out there. Secure their loyalty by being confident in your offering and ensuring your exchanges are memorable.

Learn quickly

As a recruiter, you face new situations and scenarios every day and you will at some point make mistakes. When you get something wrong, fail forward. Quickly understand where and why you have made a mistake to ensure you don’t make the same one again. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to improve your approach when faced with similar situations in the future.

For me, these fundamental skills are key to becoming successful in your career and have helped me get to where I am today. Even as an experienced recruiter, I still embed these fundamentals into the way I work every day.

How do you set yourself up for success?

About the author

Gulshan Boodhooa is the Business Development Director at Marlin Green and has over 12 years’ experience in the European tech contract market.

“Recruitment is something that sat extremely well with me. I have been lucky enough to travel across Europe and meet thousands of clients and contacts and each of these experiences has only ever driven my recruitment career forward”.


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