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Winning at working from home - our tips

Winning at working from home - our tips

Like many, we at Marlin Green would normally be travelling to a physical office, where we work with our colleagues around us. However at present, we too have found that our new norm involves working remotely, actively following government advice to practise social distancing.

So, since we’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, we wanted to share some of our tips to help manage during this time!

Try and set a realistic routine

If you’re working from home, try and set a realistic, daily routine; movement is still key! Get dressed in the morning, take your normal lunch hour (yes make sure you still take those!), stretch and grab some fresh air by going for a walk in your neighbourhood or simply sitting in your garden or balcony.

Connect with others virtually

While we’re needing to be socially distant from one another, try connecting with others over Microsoft Teams, Facetime or Skype. Even WhatsApp has a video call function! Talk to your colleagues, friends and family about how you’re feeling, what your concerns are, or simply to update each other on what kind of things you’ve been doing at home!

At Marlin Green, we are continuing to have beers on a Friday as we would normally, by doing so virtually over Microsoft Teams!  Despite us being used to physically gathering in our offices, we have successfully been able to get together and still wrap up our working week!

Wind down in your spare time

Use some of your newly found spare time (possibly as a result of not having to travel), for the activities you enjoy; reading a book, trying out a new recipe or being creative/making art. Otherwise, take up that hobby you’ve been meaning to start or get back into, something that has potentially been neglected?

Actively check in to your social media usage

The Mental Health Foundation suggests ‘muting or unfollowing account or hashtags’ that cause anxiety. For many it has become a habit to simply scroll through social media feeds absent-mindedly out of boredom or otherwise. Naturally we need to continue to stay informed however with excessive media coverage on Coronavirus, it’s now likely more important than ever to check into how much we’re tapping into the news, Facebook or Twitter, especially if it’s triggering any stress or anxiety.

Give our above tips a go to help you find your feet!

About the Author

Afrooz Heivary moved over to Germany in July 2018 from London, UK to take on the role as the Office Manager for our Düsseldorf office.

“As all our working environments have drastically changed in the last few weeks, I myself have discovered the importance of finding ways to keep a level head. My own personal tip is to not aimlessly scroll through different social media channels. Instead I channel my use into the social media website Pinterest, which heavily targets my personal interests, as opposed to content from general feeds.”


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